A women's gentle strength for when it means so much

This company promotes a refreshing and innovative service to the people of the Limestone coast.

Our all-female staff offer a compassionate calmness and sincere empathy to the deceased's family; they specialize in directing the dignified and caring service that we know a woman can provide.

Whilst parent company Wattle Range Funerals has been operating for over 70 years, a need has arisen to offer the people of the Limestone coast a new service—Funerals By Women

Located in the heart of the Limestone Coast, Limestone Coast Funerals by Women has been created to offer the professionalism gained by years of experience, combined with the genuine care, support and understanding that a woman will offer.

Our organization is staffed by female funeral consultants and directors, as well as a female embalmer and mortuary carers.

They will gently guide the deceased family and loved ones through this time of uncertainty, respecting all cultures, religions, races and gender.


When time comes to make a funeral arrangement you may come to our arrangement room at the funeral home or we will visit you in the comfort of your home.
For genuine care and piece of mind