What are the differences between pre-paid and-pre arranged funerals?

Both pre-paid and pre-arranged funeral plans allow the individual to record their funeral wishes, however only a pre-paid Funeral plan removes the financial strain from the deceased family by paying in advance. Limestone Coast Funerals by Women offers both plans.


Pay for your funeral at today's prices. Your loved ones won't have to pay a cent more.

Your funeral will be conducted as you requested taking the burden of decision making from your loved ones in their time of sadness.

A Pre paid funeral allows you and your family the peace of mind that your loved ones will not have the financial burden and stress of paying for your funeral.


A Pre planned arrangement takes the decision making away from your family at this difficult and stressful time, allowing them to follow your requests.

Allows your wishes to be carried out

By Pre planning a funeral it allows your funeral to be set out with out incurring a financial strain.

Here at Limestone Coast Funerals by Women we offer a complementary “MY CHOICES” arrangement booklet.

Advantage for Pensioners

For Centrelink or Veterans Affairs pension recipients, a pre-paid funeral plan can enable you to maximize your pension entitlement. That's because money spent on a pre-paid funeral plan is not subject to the income or assets test or deemed earnings rules. (According to legislation at the time of printing)


When you have filled the booklet out you can lodge it with us for safe keeping and future reference or keep it safe at home with your other personal papers, the choice is yours.

Please call, email or fax your details to us and we shall post our “MY CHOICES” arrangement booklet to you free of charge.